How To Close More Wedding Clients

We get a lot of emails from people asking whether Marketing Boost will work for wedding and event planners and photographers/videographers. If that’s your profession, then you’re in luck!

Marketing Boost works extremely well for wedding and event planners. Imagine being able to out maneuver your competition by offering a complimentary 3 or 7-day vacation to anyone that hires your services. (You can also give yourself one each year !)

You’ll have a tremendous edge over the competition. If a couple hires you for wedding planning, you can offer them a complimentary honeymoon!

Right now, anyone who redeems a vacation voucher has to pay taxes and resort fees, if any. However, in the coming months, Marketing Boost will add the ability for the business owner to pay for the taxes and fees upfront.

In the meantime, if you want to pay for your couple’s vacation taxes, you can always give them a Visa or Mastercard gift card.

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