How Much Does Marketing Boost Cost?

How much does Marketing Boost cost? That’s a good question. There are three Marketing Boost plans: silver, gold, and platinum.

Marketing Boost’s Silver Plan

The silver plan is $97/month or $797 annually. This is the most limited plan. You can only give away 10 vacation vouchers, 10 hotel savings cards, and 10 restaurant incentives per month.

Marketing Boost’s Gold Plan

The gold plan is $197/month or $1597 annually. This is the plan we recommend for most businesses. With the gold plan, you can give away unlimited vacation vouchers, hotel savings cards, and restaurant incentives every month.

You can also earn up $15 per vacation voucher redeemed with the gold plan. Keep in mind, that you do not get to earn commissions under the silver plan. If only a handful of people redeem your vacation vouchers each month, you’ll make enough to cover the difference between the silver and gold plans.

Marketing Boost’s Platinum Plan

The last option is the platinum plan. This plan is just like the gold plan except you can have up to 5 business names or brands in the account. When you send a voucher to someone, they will see the name of your business or brand.

If you have multiple businesses, the platinum plan may be the right fit for you.

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